What are Analog Telephone Adapters?

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Analog Telephone Adapters (commonly abbreviated to ATA) are devices that are designed to support legacy analog equipment on newer digital or IP based systems. The ATA is most commonly a small separate device that contains an FXS (Foreign eXchange Service) port, an Ethernet port (RJ-45), and a power plug. In addition, sometimes IP based analog terminal adapters can be powered through the 802.3af power over Ethernet (PoE) standard to eliminate the need for a separate power supply.


Many businesses now use ATA terminals to connect a legacy phone or fax machine to their system. The fax’s RJ-11 phone line runs into the ATA’s FXS port, while the RJ-45 Ethernet port connects to a switch or port on the PBX’s network.

If you are looking to support older, legacy equipment, an analog telephone adapter could be the solution for you. Alternatively, customers can also look to an IP business gateway with multiple FXS ports when several ports are required. The choice for customers is ultimately decided by price and numbers of FXS ports required.

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