Pairing the Plantronics CS-50 to a Headset

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Many customers have trouble pairing their CS-50 headset to the base of the unit. Our refurbished Plantronics CS50 headsets all come configured when we ship them, but if there is a problem with the unit not making sound, these few simple steps can help you get up and running.

To pair the headset and base together, first start with the base. On the back of the base, you’ll find two arrow shaped buttons, one pointing up and the other down. Press these buttons for five seconds until the red power light of the base begins to flash. Once the red led is flashing, release the buttons.  The red flashing means the base is in sync mode.

Next with the headset in the cradle of the base, you’ll want to press in the volume mute button located on top of the headset. Press in this small dial and hold it until the green talk light on the headset is illuminated. This means your headset has entered sync mode.



With both units in sync mode, your base should stop flashing red and go back to solid red and the green light should turn off on the headset within two minutes. This indicates successful pairing of the CS-50 system. Power cycle the system by disconnecting the base from the power and waiting five seconds before plugging it back in.

By restarting the system, you’ll have fully resynchronized your CS50! Verify successful pairing by picking up your headset and hitting the talk button. Your base and headset should both light up green indicating success.


NOTE: This guide also works with the Plantronics CS55 headset.

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