Adding expandable microphones to your Polycom conference phone

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As your company grows, often your conference phone will need to grow with it. When you’re a small company or a small team, a single conference phone unit can pick up the voice of all your team members. When the meeting gets larger though, it can be much harder for all of your team to be heard by those on the other end of the call. By using expandable microphones, you can ensure everyone in the room is heard crystal clear.


Polycom Soundstation 2 Expandable Conference Phone 2201-16200-001Not every Polycom conference phone can accept external microphones. The SoundStation 2 conference phones come in two variations, expandable and non-expandable. Only the expandable (Ex) Polycom SoundStation 2s can accept external microphones. So if adding additional microphones is important to you, be sure to buy an expandable system.


Polycom SoundStation IP Conference Phone 5000 2200-30900-025 - NewThe Polycom IP 4000, 5000, 6000, and 7000 all accept external microphones. These microphones are different from the SoundStation series of microphones, so be careful to ensure compatibility before ordering. Additionally, a second IP conference phone of the same kind can be used as an external microphone. Up to two microphones can also be added to this configuration, one microphone on each phone for a total of 4 microphones in your conference room!

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