Plantronics Calisto Headsets Are Bluetooth Compatible

Posted by Jeff Csisar on

The Plantronics Calisto phone and headset system are a unique pairing for small office / home office (SOHO) type setups. The Calisto headset and phone are synchronized to each other and not through the base as the handset is to the call. The headset and phone are connected through Bluetooth.

Plantronics Calisto headsets are run on the Bluetooth technology standard. This standard has been formalized as IEEE 802.15.1. This standard was designed to support the creation of personal area networks, or small networks that connect devices such as wireless speakers, microphones, headsets, and storage devices.

The benefit of knowing your Calisto headset is Bluetooth are the compatibility options this opens up. You can pair any Plantronics headset that uses Bluetooth technology to the Calisto phone, not just the one that came with the kit. You can use your Bluetooth headset for your cell phone as your Calisto’s headset if need be.

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