The Fate of Nortel Phone Systems – Finding Support Five Years Later

Posted by Jeff Csisar on

Over five years ago, on January 14, 2009, Nortel declared bankruptcy. For those who just received their phone system, there was much concern about the future support of this equipment. Eventually, Avaya bought out the rights to Nortel’s equipment, ensuring a provider would be able to manufacture telephones and equipment at least for the Nortel Business Communication Manager systems. These systems are slated for integration with Avaya’s IP Office system, allowing for a smooth migration from Nortel to Avaya.

For those with older Meridian and Norstar phone systems, affordable replacement phones can be hard to find. Refurbished phones from third parties create an attractive alternative to maintaining an aging Nortel phone system as the manufacturing of these phones has ended. Many phones such as the Nortel M2616 and the Norstar M7324 are still available for sale.

It appears that those with Nortel phone systems do not have to worry about their phone system soon becoming obsolete. Between Avaya and third party remanufacturers, these systems will be around for a long time to come.

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