What is the difference between the 3Com 3C10402A and 3C10402B phones?

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Customers looking to replace their 3Com phones often run into the challenge of confusing part numbers when replacing their phone. There are several models of phones available for the NBX system. To make things more complicated, many of the phones have an A and B revision.


This leaves us with the most common phones we sell, the 3Com NBX 3C10402A and NBX 3C10402B. To most people these phones are almost identical in appearance and function. These phones will work, for the most part, on both systems.


There is one key difference. The 3Com 3102A phone works with NBX phone system software releases from 4.2 and beyond, while the 3102B works with versions 5.0.23 and beyond. If you are running an older version of NBX software, we recommend the older A revision of the phone. For those who have a newer more up to date system, the B is a newer phone and should have seen less use, making it a more durable option.

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