Adding Line Cards To Your 3Com NBX Phone System

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When setting up your 3Com NBX phone system, you will need some way of connecting your phones to the outside world. This is accomplished through the use of line cards in your 3Com phone system. There are six types of line cards, each designed for a different standard. Below is a summary of each card and how they are used.

3com analog line cards (Part no. 3C10114B and 3C10114C) connect your 3Com system to the outside world through traditional phone lines. Each card adds 4 FXO trunks that connect to POTS lines. These analog cards connect your system to the PSTN.

Digital line cards (Part no. 3C10116B and 3C10116D) are terminal cards designed to accept a T1, T1/PRI, or Q.SIG slave circuit. Digital line cards are able to handle much more traffic than the equivalent analog line card, but come with more expensive circuit costs. Each digital line card will support up to 24 DSO voice channels. The 3C10165D is a E1/PRI card designed for use with E1 lines.

Lastly, there are BRI-ST line cards. The BRI cards (Part no. 3C10164D) are designed to accept up to 8 ISDN lines. These cards support G.729 compression, and can support up to a total of 16 simultaneous calls.

There is no right or wrong way to power your 3Com phone system. Make sure to choose the right line card for the type of data line you are going to use!

If you have any questions about 3Com line cards, phones, switches, or routers, please feel free to reach out to us with a comment on our blog, a phone call at 1-800-95-Refurb, or send us an e-mail to

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