Can't hear anyone through a Plantronics CS50 or CS55 headset?

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So you received your refurbished Plantronics CS50 or CS55 headset. You set up your Plantronics CS50 correctly and you synchronized your CS50 base and headset unit successfully. You press the talk button on your headset to start a conversation, but you hear nothing. What gives!? The answer might be simpler than you think.


Located on the side of a Plantronics CS50 or CS55 is a small circular dial with a slot cut out for what looks like a flathead screwdriver (see the red arrow). That is a call tune adjuster, and it is likely your headset system is out of tune and unable pick up any signal because of it. 


To fix this, place a call to a person in the office that can help you while wearing the headset. The both of you should begin to have a conversation, even though you hear nothing through the headset . Take the aforementioned screwdriver and begin to turn the dial on the side until you hear static at first, followed by the other person’s voice!


It really is that simple to fix your problem with a Plantronics CS50 or CS55. This solution also works many times when you hear too much static during a call; a little fine tuning is all that is needed.

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