Installing a Dell EPS-470 Power Supply

Posted by Jeff Csisar on

Installing a Dell EPS-470 extended power supply into your Dell PowerConnect switch is a breeze. The EPS-470 installs through a simple power cord and connecting power cable. The power cable runs from the back of the EPS-470 into the power port in your Dell PowerConnect 3448P or 3548P.


Below are photos of the power ports on the EPS-470 and Dell PowerConnect 3548P. They show where the connecting cables install.




In addition to being able to install EPS-470 power supplies through this port on PoE switches, the Dell 3524 and 3524 (non-PoE) can have a Dell RPS-600 power supply installed. If installed properly, the LEDs on the power supply will illuminate to alert users to the fact the power supply is sharing power. The EPS-470 works by load balancing with the Dell switch’s power supply.

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