The Differences Between the ESI IPFP and the IPFP2 Phone

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Differences between ESI IPFP and IPFP 2 phones?


Those deploying an ESI based IP phone system will need to decide on an IP phone to use. Two of the more commonly used IP phones are the ESI 48 Key IPFP and the ESI 48 Key IPFP2 phones. If these phones sound incredibly similar to you, it’s because they are. There are two differences any telecom engineer should be aware of before deploying the phones.


Do You Need Power Over Ethernet?

The ESI IPFP 48 key does not come with the ability to accept Power Over Ethernet. If you are deploying a system that has a PoE switch in it, you should consider using the slightly more expensive IPFP2 phone to save on the cost of the ESI power supplies.


How About Connecting Remotely?

The ESI IPFP cannot connect to a remote server.  As a result of increasing demand for that capability, ESI ended up creating and releasing an IPFP RMT version of the phone that allows a phone to connect to the IP server from the Wide Area Network (WAN) or the Internet. As part of the upgrade, ESI made this remote connection feature standard in the IPFP2.


Do You Use a Headset?

The IPFP2 includes a headset jack by default. With the IPFP, you’ll need an ESI H IPFP phone in order to get headset functionality. Headset jacks make connecting a handsfree device to your phone much easier.


IPFP or IPFP2 – Which is Better?

The general consensus here at Refurbished Phone Exchange is that the IPFP2 is almost always the better fit for a company. The upgraded phone is more widely available and comes with better features. Unless you need the original IPFP due to any compatibility concerns, we recommend using the IPFP2.

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