What's the difference between the Plantronics CS50 and CS55?

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The Plantronics CS series of wireless headset units are very popular due to their reliability, functionality, and styling.  The CS50 and CS55 are two of the most popular versions, but many customers often ask what the difference is between the two.  They look very similar, in fact the ear pieces looks identical.  Well, allow us to explain the differences and answer all your questions.


At first glance, the main difference you will notice between the units is the size of the bases.  The CS50 is much taller than the CS55, however, both units have the same button and jack/port configuration.  The volume buttons, handset jack, AC power jack, etc. are all located in the same place on both bases.


The wireless headsets look and function the same for both versions, however, you cannot interchange them.  Each version utilizes a different frequency therefore even synchronization will not work.  The CS50 operates at 900 MHz while the CS55 operates at 1.9 GHz.  Another important point is that the CS55 does not interfere with other wireless equipment because of DECT 6.0.  DECT stands for "Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications" and provides better call quality, better range, better reliability, and better security features.


Although battery life isn't dramatically different between the two versions, it seems that the CS55 does last a bit longer.  The CS55 offers about 10 hours of talk time, or roughly 50 hours of standby time which is a  20% longer than the CS50.  


Plantronics Wireless Headsets





6.5 inches

4.75 inches


900 MHz

1.9 GHz

Talk Time

8 Hours

10 Hours

Standby Time

40 Hours

50 Hours

Other Features


DECT 6.0

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