How to Factory Default and Access the GUI of a Netgear GS724TP Switch

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This post will walk you the steps to factory reset your Netgear GS724TP switch and access the web based GUI to program the switch.

If you do not know the login information or IP address of the switch, the first step to configure the Netgear GS724TP will be to factory default the unit. You’ll want to get a paperclip and unbend a piece of it. Use that straight piece of paperclip to push in the factory reset button on the right side of the switch. Hold this in for three seconds and the switch will reset with factory default settings.

Once the switch reboots, you’ll want to plug a computer (laptop or desktop) directly into the switch via an RJ-45 Ethernet cable. You’ll need to assign your computer an IP address that is on the same subnet as your switch. The defaults for a Netgear GS724TP are and subnet We use IP address subnet on our test computer.

With a correct IP address assigned to your computer, open a web browser such as Firefox or Chrome and navigates to From here you’ll be prompted for a password. You’ll want to login using the default password for your Netgear GS724TP. The default password is password. Be sure to change this once you log in! From here you can make all the changes necessary to your switch through the intuitive GUI.

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