ShoreTel ShoreGear Voice Switches and Voicemail

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ShoreTel Voice switches are designed to allow a certain number of IP phones to connect to a phone server. In addition to allowing support for IP phones to connect to the server, certain ShoreTel voice switches were release with the ability to store voicemail.

These voicemail switches are known as ShoreTel V switches. There are two commonly available voicemail switches released by ShoreTel. These are the ShoreTel 50V and the ShoreTel 90V.

The ShoreTel 50V has the ability to support up to 50 IP phones through the switch. This is perfect for medium sized businesses. A separate compact flash card has been installed in the side of the switch. This switch allows for the additional benefit of up to 50 mailboxes being installed on the switch as well. This allows every user on your system to have a voicemail directly managed in the switch. Up to 22 hours of voicemail storage can be stored on a 50V.

The ShoreTel 90V is the big brother of the 50V. The 90V can support up to 90 users. An additional 90 mailboxes are included and helps to separate the 90V from the standard ShoreTel 90. Up to 56 hours of voicemails can be stored on the ShoreGear 90V.

For those looking to get the most out of their voice switch, the voicemail switches provide a great return on investment. By combining voicemail and switch connectivity together, users can save on costly licensing and server upgrades.

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