Why the Plantronics CS540 is the best wireless headset unit

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Plantronics is known for producing stylish, high quality wireless headset systems and accessories.  Here at Refurbished Phone Exchange, we focus on the business-class series of products such as the CS and Savi series.  The other day, I was asked by a customer what my personal favorite wireless headset system is... and why.  Well, my favorite is the Plantronics CS540 and I'll try to limit my answer to five reasons.


1) DECT 6.0 (1.9 GHz)

The first reason is because the CS540 uses DECT technology, operating at a frequency of 1.9GHz.  DECT 6.0 isn't unique to the CS540, many other wireless headsets utilize this technology included the CS55 which is an older wireless headset system.  This technology/frequency is an improvement over the 900MHz Plantronics CS50 because it all but eliminates interference from other wireless devices such as your keyboard or mouse.  Best of all, the call quality is terrific!


2) Lightest Headset

The second reason is the weight and comfort of the headset.  The Plantronics CS540 convertible is the lightest DECT 6.0 wireless headset system on the market, and it has an adjustable ear piece for optimal comfort and performance.  If you have ever tried other wireless headsets on the market, you'd notice some are rather big and awkward, especially if you're wearing it for the entire work day.  My belief is that everyone's ears are shaped differently so it's important to allow for minor adjustments which will not only improve comfort but performance since the headset will be worn correctly.

Quick note, "convertible" in CS540 convertible simply means the headset and ear loop - not the optional headband.


3) Automatically Synchronizes

The third reason is based on the ease of use of the CS540.  One of the most common issues with Plantronics models like the CS50 or CS70 is having to manually synchronize the base/stand and headset.  You won't have that problem with the CS540 because synchronization, also known as subscription, is done automatically as soon as you dock your headset.  Another cool feature is the magnetic docking which securely holds the headset to the base.


4) Wideband/Narrowband Audio

The fourth reason for selecting the Plantronics CS540 as my favorite wireless headset system is arguably one of the most important reasons.  Wideband audio is high definition voice (HD voice) and produces unparalleled call quality.  The one drawback of wideband audio is power usage - a rather important aspect when operating a wireless headset with a limited battery life.  However, the 540 has a wideband/narrowband audio switch that allows you to choose between the two - a great feature if your battery is getting low while you're still on a call.


5) Style and Design

The fifth and final reason I chose the 540 as my favorite is the overall design and style. I love the sleek, elegant design featuring the black and chrome combination. This wireless headset system has a small footprint too which is a major factor for most people.

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