How to personalize your Adtran IP 712 or 706 phone

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So you just got a new Adtran IP 712, or Adtran IP 706, and now you need to personalize some of the settings and get familiar with the phone. Below we have explained how to customize some of the basic settings such as your phone label, speed dials, clock settings and more...


Change the phone label

The phone label is the text displayed at the top left corner of the screen. Your name is a good idea however you could also put your department, whatever suits your needs. To change your phone label simply click the Menu button, then select Phone Settings. Once you're in your Phone Settings select Phone Label. This is where you can customize the label that appears on the top line of the phone.

  1. Click Menu
  2. Select '2. Phone Settings'
  3. Select '1. Phone Label'
  4. Enter the label you would like to appear at the top of the screen, then click OK
  5. Done


Adjust your clock

If your clock is displaying the wrong time it's a simple fix. Click the Menu button, select Phone Settings, and select Clock. You are now in your Clock Settings and can adjust things like the time, date and time formats, and enable or disable daylight savings.

  1. Click Menu
  2. Select '2. Phone Settings'
  3. Select '2. Clock'
  4. You are now in the Clock Settings
    1. Select '1. Set Time' to change the time
    2. Select '2. Time Format' to change the time format (12hr versus 24 hr)
    3. Select '3. Date Format' to change the date format
    4. Select '4. Daylight Saving Time' to enable or disable DST


Edit your speed dials

Once your phone has been configured by your IT professional, you will likely have a few keys reserved for speed dialing. Editing your speed dials can be done directly through your phone quickly and easily.   However, before we begin let's make sure you have at least one key reserved for speed dialing. You will see a 'SPEED' label next to every programmable button that is reserved for speed dialing. These are the buttons we will be able to edit.

To begin click the Menu button, select Phone Settings, and then select Line Keys. You are now in your Line Key Settings where you will see all your speed dials. Navigate to your desired speed dial and click the Edit button.

  1. Click Menu
  2. Select '2. Phone Settings'
  3. Select '7. Line Keys'
  4. Navigate to your desired speed dial and click edit

Each speed dial has four settings - Type, Number, Label and Realm.

  1. Type - this should be set to Speed
  2. Number - this is the number you would like to program as a speed dial. An important thing to remember is to include 9 and 1 if you're calling an outside line. Let's say I want to set 508-555-5555 as my speed dial, I would enter 91-508-555-5555. If you don't have to dial 9 and 1 to reach an outside line then simply disregard and enter the number as you normally would.
  3. Label - this is the label for your speed dial whether it be a person or company name.
  4. Realm - there are three choices however I recommend you leave this setting as is.

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