Why Won’t My Altigen IP 705 710 720 Phone Turn On?

Posted by Jeff Csisar on

The IP 705, IP 710, and IP 720 are programmable IP phones designed for Altigen’s MaxCS phone system. These phone systems are connected to the network via switches much like computers. And like computers they require a power source to turn on. The Altigen IP 705, IP 710, and IP 720 can be powered in two ways: through the use of a DC power supply or through the network cable via power over Ethernet.

The Altigen IP phones need to be told which way they are booting up. These phones have switches built into the phones that specify PoE or DC. Those using a power supply should make sure to have the phone’s power switch set to DC. And vice versa, those with PoE switches should have their phones set to PoE. If the switch is not in the correct position, the phone will not boot.

Those looking to use power over Ethernet must have an Altigen power over Ethernet module installed in their phones. This module is a plug in module that provides PoE capabilities to the Altigen IP 705 and IP 710 phones. The Altigen IP 720 comes with a PoE module built in.

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