What’s New in the Adtran Total Access 908E Gen 3 4243908F1?

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Adtran Total Access 908E 3rd Gen (4243908F1)

Adtran released the Adtran Total Access 900E third generation as an update to their long line of successful IP business gateways. The third generation TA900e series continues to be a successful SIP / multi-T1 gateway for voice over IP networks.  The Adtran 908e can still support multiple T1 terminations (up to 4) in the 908e.

Along with the same great features of the original and second generation Total Access 908 gateway, the 4243908F1 third gen gateway adds the following capabilities:

  • eSBC Functionality
  • Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation
  • Gigabit Connectivity Port

Enterprise Session Border Control (eSBC)

eSBC is the biggest change in the updated third generation Total Access 900e series routers. As a session border controller, the 4243908F1 offers several advantages over past 908e gateways. SBCs provide additional security capabilities for media streams to prevent attacks such as toll fraud from affecting your SIP trunks. A session border controller provides NAT traversal and IPv4 to IPv6 internetworking. An SBC also supports SIP normalization and VPN tunneling.

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