Using IP Cameras with a Netgear Network Switch

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IP Cameras with a Netgear Network Switch

Netgear enterprise switches are an ideal choice for IP surveillance camera deployments. Netgear switches, such as the GS724TP, support high bandwidth which is critical for processing footage and maintaining security.

Save Money with Netgear Switches

Netgear provides affordable network solutions for small businesses and enterprises alike. By taking advantage of Netgear’s low cost switches, consumers can save thousands off the cost of implementing an IP based surveillance system. This helps to make IP based system cost effective when compared to analog cameras.

By moving towards an IP based surveillance system, users are no longer required to use bulky and traditional video tapes for recording and storing video.  With an IP system that runs off of Netgear switches, you can store footage in hard drives to drastically improve storage capacity. Additional hard drives can even be added to the surveillance systems as required to expand storage capacity.

When using Netgear switches deployed in a fully fledged converged IP network, users can set up an IP camera anywhere an Ethernet cable can reach. The IP cameras can be deployed across a fully converged data, voice, and video network through the use of VLANs configured on the switch.

By taking advantage of power over Ethernet capabilities, switches such as the Netgear GS724TPS can provide both connectivity and power to run the IP camera -all with one single cable. Unlike Analog cameras, no separate power supplies are required to run PoE capable IP cameras.

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