Reset and clear your Maverick M360/M366 MICR III Check Encoder

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Maverick check encoders are devices used by banking and financial institutions for check processing.  The devices essentially encode the MICR code line to ANSI specifications.  The best thing about the Maverick M366 or M360 check encoder is the function keys which can be programmed via the built-in keyboard. 

However, before you program these buttons or attempt to use the device, you must reset or clear the previous owner's settings and information.  To do this, follow the steps listed below...

How-to Steps (clearing Maverick MICR III Memory)

  1. Press the 'Shift' key, '9' key, and 'F2' key all at the same time

Screen should read "01 Motors"

  1. Press the '00' key

Screen should read "07 Clear Params"

  1. Press the '#' key

Screen should read "Press 6 to Clear"

  1. Press the '6' key

Screen should read "Clear All?  Warning!  9=Yes"

  1. Press the '9' key

Wait until the screen goes back to "07 Clear Params"

  1. Turn off the Maverick device, then turn it back on

Press the 'F1' key - if the steps above were followed correctly the screen should read all 1's.  This means the memory is now clear and the function keys can be programmed. 


Please keep in mind, virtually every bank will have a representative that comes in to setup and program the check encoders.


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