How to change the battery in a Plantronics CS70 wireless headset

Posted by Rick Torres on

A very common question we receive from our customers is "how do I change the battery in my Plantronics CS70VT or CS70N wireless headset?" - and the answer is... not very easily.  Unlike the CS50 or Savi 740 (among other versions), the CS70 features an ear loop style headset where the battery is actually soldered in.  This is true for the CS70 models, Savi 730, Voyager 510S, and virtually every ear loop style Plantronics headset. 

Although the ear piece is soldered in, this doesn't mean changing the battery is impossible.  Follow the directions below and you'll be able to extend the life of your wireless headset unit by years.



  1. Remove the small screw from the ear piece
  2. Carefully remove ear piece cover, revealing the battery and circuit board
  3. Very carefully remove the battery from the ear piece housing, you'll see the two point at which the battery is soldered.
  4. Lastly, remove these two battery connections and solder your new battery.

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